Thursday, March 12, 2009


Welcome to Caryn's Collection Ministry Blog. This was developed to allow others to make comments on the ministry site, to add their own resources, and to communicate in other ways with people who are interested in youth ministry, ministries in general, or in growing their own personal spirituality through the resources here and through sharing with others on this blog site.

It can also serve to be a place where you can give feedback on the materials such as the dvds and videos, and books on this site. Let us know which ones you liked, or didn't like, and in what ways you have used them in your ministry. This can help others to evaluate what materials they might like to use themselves. Please suggest ones that have worked well for you.

I will periodically post contributions, essays, poems and reviews on this site, so if you would like to be notified of when one has been posted, please register for the posts.

May God Bless you,